It's been a long time coming!

We all have ideas, visions, goals... Things we want to fix and things we want to create. This was certainly the case when we developed SPEAR.

In an industry plagued by marketing, hype, fads, and misinformation, we sought to be the voice of reason, the calm amongst the storm and the finest performance sports nutrition available online

Gimmicks and fads come and go. Quality and Results stay.

We were idealistic, to say the least, when we started SPEAR. Reality hit us when we we confronted by the financial constraints of creating amazing products, the difficulty in manufacturing them, and the resource-intensive task of reaching consumers.

SPEAR succeeded in its first year purely by word of mouth. Our customers, who tried the products, loved them and shared them with their friends. Even with the overwhelming positive feedback, we wanted to continue to hone the quality of our products on every level.

We are now poised to release the new, expanded line.

Our pre-sale starts today. Come check us out.





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