Apps For Athletes- Another Performance Enhacement Tool

Apps For Athletes- Another Performance Enhacement Tool

It is rare to see anybody at the gym who is not carrying a smartphone. Whether out of a society-wide obsession with never being apart from our phones or because of the plethora of apps that enhance a workout experience, it’s tough to say.

However, it is undeniable that smartphones have the ability to be wonderful tools that enable athletes to fastidiously track any metric imaginable: calories, steps, miles run or swam, weight, reps, time, and more.

The challenge is to sort through the noise and choose a select few apps that actually provide value to the busy life of an athlete.

But, fear not! Below is the Spear Performance Sports Nutrition’s Guide to the BEST Apps for Athletes:

Top Nutrition Tracking Apps

  • Fitocracy Macros: Most athletes know that tracking macros is arguably just as, if not more, important than tracking calories. Especially for those brave souls committing to ketogenic or paleo diets, getting that perfect daily ratio of protein/fats/carbs is challenging. This app is an excellent way to make tracking macros simple throughout the day.  
  • HealthyOut: Sticking to a clean diet can be difficult while eating out. While many restaurants post calorie counts and nutritional information, finding a restaurant that fits your specific meal needs in the first place is difficult. That’s where HealthyOut comes in handy. Simply input your meal needs, such as “Low carb, under 600 calories” or “High Protein Paleo” and the app will search nearby restaurants that fit the bill.

  • Calorie Counter and Food Diary: For counting calories via a free app, it gets no better than this. With a massive verified food database of 670,000 different items it is a breeze to type in the name of a food and instantly pull up its nutrition content, select a serving size, and save it. During a cut, use this app to achieve that optimal calorie deficit.

Top Workout Apps

  • Gym Genius: “Lift, Track, Improve” is the motto of this app that features a slick, easy-to-use interface. For weight lifting, there is no better app to track sets, reps, and weight. It includes charts to help identify plateaus and tracks personal bests in reps and weight for any type of lift. Simply input your workout plan and update it as you go to eliminate guesswork.

  • Run Social: For those avid runners out there who are limited to running primarily on treadmills, this app is awesome. Displayed on iPads, iPhones, or on the big screen, this app offers a virtual experience of High Definition courses to run along with avatars of other users. Virtual events like marathons allow runners to join in competition together from all over the planet. It sure beats a lonely run on a treadmill while staring at the wall!

  • Charity Miles: Combine altruism with your daily walking or running with this app that features corporate sponsors such as Timex that offer a certain dollar amount per mile to a charity of your choice. If you’re hiking, walking, or running all the time anyway then why not fund children’s cancer research while you do it?

All that being said, Spear Performance considers this workout app to be hands-down the best for any athlete seeking a competitive edge…

  • Train Heroic: This app offers an in depth goal progress tracking system for the serious athlete. Combining data displayed in beautiful graphs with a competitive social element of leaderboards, Train Heroic is not just an app but a community. Accountability is another key element of Train Heroic, with a scoring system for every workout that evaluates how hard you pushed yourself. Also, make sure to check out SPEAR Performance's friends, California Strength, on Train Heroic






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