EASY Brown Rice Risotto

EASY Brown Rice Risotto

Want to mix things up for meal prep? Perfect with any protein. I topped this dish off with Salmon. But you can prepare salmon for one day, and chicken the other. It's perfect with anything. 

1. Cooked Brown Rice
2. Chicken stock (I made my own)
3. Salt & Pepper to taste
4. Olive Oil
5. Rosemary
6. Italian Herbs
7. Garlic

1. In a sauce pan get olive oil and chopped up garlic going. Smell the aroma, and let the garlic brown a bit.
2. Add the brown rice and more olive oil.
3. Add the chicken stock to the rice mixture, so it just covers the brown rice. No matter the quantity.
4. Let the mixture simmer. Add the italian herbs, rosemary, and salt/pepper.
5. Let simmer for 8-10 mins on low, while the whole time adding chicken stock little by little. 
6. I finished it off with some parmesan cheese. ENJOY:)



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