Meal Prep with Flavor (How to add Herbs to any meal)

Meal Prep with Flavor (How to add Herbs to any meal)

Meal Prep with Flavor (How to add Herbs to any meal)

So first off if you’ve been following our recipes you know how I love my herbs. The three herbs/seasoning I add I am going to share with you and how to make your meal prep the most flavorful it can be while keeping you on the healthy path. You want to enjoy your food as well as keep you on track to your goals.


Rosemary, I love rosemary dried and fresh.
Oven Cooking:
With either you can lather up chicken breast, or oven roasted vegetables with olive oil (or any oil) salt & pepper (fresh ground is a must), and put the sticks of rosemary or add dried rosemary to the mixture and toss through evenly. It adds a yummy flavor but keeps it healthy.

First off steaming veggies is the best way to keep all of its nutrients inside the veggies, but why not add a couple sticks of rosemary when you do. Carrots would be perfect with rosemary, and drizzle some olive oil salt pepper, and your done.

Best foods to pair:

Chicken breast







Basil, I prefer fresh basil, but you can use dry basil for meat rubs.
Fresh basil to me is the winner for a nice fresh salad, eggs, avocado toast. Just cut some fresh basil and really put it on top of anything. The ideal flavor bomb salad and keeping it healthy is a nice garlic, quinoa salad with sliced carrots, parsnip, radishes, tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and some fresh basil on top with almonds! YUM! Turn a boring salad literally into a flavor bomb.


Thyme, I prefer dry thyme.
Oven cooking:
Perfect topping for an oven roasted chicken dish. Sweet potato is a common meal prep starch, add thyme to it to kick it up a notch. Do some oven roasted sweet potato with olive oil coated, salt, pepper, and dried thyme mixture.


Garlic, is literally my GO TO for enhancing flavor on anything!!
Oven cooking:
Everything mentioned above, add fresh crushed garlic. Boom simple.

Literally before sautéing any veggies or cooking meet in a pan; start with olive oil and crushed garlic. Let the aroma come alive, and the garlic to become a golden brown then throw in whatever your cooking and season with salt/pepper and add any dried herbs or no herbs.

All my sauces same way I start with olive oil and crushed garlic, that should be your base really for anything. When making tomato sauce for example perfect base, then throw in your celery, onion, carrots and build the flavor. Beef stew, soups, best base!

This was a simple blog post that I wanted to share, on how easy it is to add flavor. And meal prepping, staying healthy shouldn’t not taste good. Herbs/Seasonings is such an easy way to stay on track! Happy meal prepping peeps!





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