Sleep-LTP vs Over the counter Sleep Aids

Sleep-LTP vs Over the counter Sleep Aids

In today’s fitness industry people want results, FAST. A lot of people do not pay attention to what they put in the body, nor are they educated on what is inside the products they use. We care, we want you to achieve your goals, and at the same time create products you feel good taking.

Having a good workout is essential. But sleep is one of the most important things for muscle growth and recovery. We are going to compare our product Sleep-Ltp with over the counter sleep aids.

Sleep-LTP vs Over the Counter Sleep Aids

Over the counter sleep aids, if taken consistently is one of the worst things you could do for your body and mind. When you take OTC Sleep aids you’re not really sleeping. It drastically alters the natural stages of your body’s sleep pattern. You stay in Non-Rem sleep when you take these OTC Sleep aids, which basically means you never go into a deep sleep (REM). It is not a restorative, deep sleep crucial for optimal health. When you take OTC Sleep aids you drug yourself, and have your eyes closed. You are swimming at the surface, versus deep sea diving (if you get what I’m saying). These OTC Sleep aids contain drugs like diphenhydramine HCL, diphenhydramine citrate, which are all antihistamines. Some OTC Sleep aids even contain painkillers. Acetaminophen (a common painkiller) is one of the most common poisonings worldwide.

Here are some short-term/ long-term effects:

  1. Addiction
  2. Withdrawal
  3. Nausea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Constipation
  6. Rash
  7. Weight gain, and increased appetite or the reversed effect.
  8. Headaches
  9. Liver failure
  10. Morning hangover
  11. Daytime drowsiness and fatigue, which leads to poor performance.
  12. Brain damage

Now what’s the alternative? Sleep-Ltp!

So here’s the thing, all our products are all natural, clean supplements. Made with vegetarian capsules, no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. They are Non-Gmo, and most importantly BSCG certified. Now a quick lesson, when looking at a product to see if it’s good for you take a look at the supplement facts. In other ingredients, if it has fewer then 4 ingredients most likely it’s a pretty good supplement (of course depends what those ingredients are), when it has more than 10 ingredients listed you’re in trouble.

Sleep-LTP uses plant-based ingredients to achieve deep REM sleep unlike OTC Sleep aids. It’s the only ZMA nighttime product on the market to support body & brain recovery. Also a hangover free formula unlike OTC Sleep aids.

Here is a deeper look into the ingredients:

  1. Zinc & Magnesium (ZMA) helps replenishes muscles, supports a sense of calm, and enhance night time recovery. Zinc is an essential mineral with antioxidant properties. Zinc has been found to be crucial for protein synthesis, which leads to muscle growth and recovery. Magnesium promotes function of the cardiovascular system, bone health, and metabolic rate. Zinc and Magnesium together enhance muscle size, strength, and even fat loss. Not to mention overall health and well being crucial for a good night’s rest.
  2. Vitamin D3, Folate, and Vitamin K to support immunity, mood, and vitality.
  3. Chamomile, Mucuna Puriens, Melatonin to promote relaxation, calm, and restful sleep. Chamomile doesn’t just help with a deep sleep, but also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti- cancer.

In conclusion, we hope this read was educational, and you can take away several points from this. Our goal, and mission statement “we strive to empower & strengthen consumers through premium, natural, and powerful nutritional supplements.” We care what you put in your body!


*Consult your physician before modifying any existing medication regiment.





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