Terra-Test vs. Anabolic Steroids

Terra-Test vs. Anabolic Steroids

In today’s fitness industry people want results fast. A lot of people do not pay attention to what they put in their body, nor are they educated on what is inside the products they use. Fast results, from bad products is just going to harm you in the long run. Lets dissect.

Terra-Test vs. Anabolic Steroids

 To begin, humans naturally produce steroids. An anabolic steroid is a synthetic steroid that increases testosterone. But putting more hormones in your body that is necessary, creates an imbalance in testosterone levels, and creating a wide range of negative effects on one’s body.

The most popular reason why people (mostly men), take anabolic steroids is to increase muscle size, and decrease fat. It is an easy way to create muscle, and get “ripped” the quick and easy way. But the quick and easy isn’t the best choice when it comes to your body.

 The negative effects of anabolic steroids are:

Short term: Mental problems such as extreme mood swings, feelings of anger, jealousy, irritability, delusions, and impaired judgment.
Long term: Health problems such as kidney problems, liver damage, big risk of stroke and heart attacks. In men it can also shrink testicles, decrease perm count, loss of hair, development of breast, and increase your risk of prostate cancer.  

Anabolic steroids is a drug, even though it doesn’t create a “high” or directly effects your brain. If you're consistently using it, and decide to stop; it will create effects of withdrawal.

 Now that you’re educated on Anabolic Steroids you’re probably wondering then why take Terra-Test?

 Terra-Test is a plant based testosterone support. So what that means is all the ingredients inside terra-test are plant based. Lets be honest for a second, people in the fitness industry perceive “being a man” to a meat based diet or high in protein diet. So when you hear plant based testosterone supporter that increases muscle mass you question it. But there is a tremendous benefits to taking a plant based supplement. Going to testosterone, testosterone has been found in many plants and herbs. One study even showed that vegetarians had 6% high testosterone levels than meat-eaters; and vegans had an increase of 16%. 

Now what plants/herbs are in Terra-Test, and what are their benefits?! The main ingredients:

  1. Tribulus Terrestris, is a flowering plant, and is used in herbal supplements that promote strength, and lean muscle mass. Athletes commonly take this to enhance athletic performance, body building, and help with heart & circulatory conditions.
  2. Tongkat Ali is a root extract and one of the most effective natural testosterone boosters.
  3. Horny Goat Weed is a flowering plant that supports libido & sexual health.
  4. Stinging Nettle Root, Ashwaghanda to reduce cortisol.
    And for those wondering what is cortisol?!
    It is a hormone commonly known as the stress hormone. High levels of stress can decrease muscle growth and athletic performance. The combo above is also known as a cortisol blocker, so it helps your body function well in times of high stress.
  5. DIM specifically promotes beneficial estrogen metabolism and helps restore a healthy hormonal balance.

So you make the conclusion, but we are hoping us breaking down anabolic steroids, and terra-test makes you think twice on what you put in your body!







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Oct 02, 2018 • Posted by Tony

Is this product for men


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