Zucchini no-noodle Lasagna Recipe

Zucchini no-noodle Lasagna Recipe

Zucchini noodle Lasagna Recipe

We want you to not only feel good with our products, but in every aspect of your journey, whatever your end goal is. 

Week to week I want to share recipes for meal prep so you can switch things up. Chicken and vegetables get a little boring while your trying to lose weight, feel good, or train. Whatever it is you want something different & tastes good while eating healthy. 

So I decided to make homemade zucchini noodle lasagna, with homemade tomato sauce, because now a days the salt/sugar intake in these sauces are crazy. Using zucchini noodles instead of pasta. I also didn't put cheese in it. I put a little mozzarella on top. But ricotta cheese has a high calorie count, if your not worried about that add it. I am for the cheese :) But for the sakes of this recipe I did not put it.

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees


Tomato Sauce 

1. 3 Zucchinis
2. 2 Carrots
3. 1/2 of Onion
4. 2 Celery Sticks
5. 2 Garlic cloves
6. 1 cup of Mushrooms
7. 1 can of Unsalted Plum Tomatoes
8. 3/4 cup of tomato paste
9. Salt & Pepper
10. 3/4 cup of aux herbes de provence (herb mix)
11. Fresh Basil
12. Fresh Rosemary
13. Cayenne pepper (I like spice) you don't need if you don't
14. Ground Turkey

1. The very first thing I would do is throw your thinly sliced zucchini in water and a little salt for a soak. When you do that you can cut the rest of the veggies, and throw the plum tomatoes, seasonings, tomato paste in a pot. With salt and pepper to your taste. 
2. After all the veggies are cut, in a pan put olive oil, with crushed garlic. Let it develop aroma, then throw in all your vegetables in the pan. By doing this your developing flavor. Make sure the pan is super hot. Cook for about 5 mins, then throw into the pot with the tomato sauce. 
3. Let that cook/develop flavor for about an hour. While still soaking the zucchini.
4. After an hour, still add salt and pepper to taste. Key is to taste as you go! I like my sauce chunky. But if you don't, and you have a hand blender, blend the tomato sauce mixture in the pot! 
5. In the same pan you cooked the veggies, throw in the ground turkey! Still using the same flavor, add olive oil, salt, pepper to pan.
6. Finish cooking, and throw that in sauce pot as well.

1. Time to stack in a caserole dish!! Start off with the zucchini, then sauce, then zucchini, then sauce, then zucchini, and sauce again on top. Put that in the oven. (of course if you want cheese, put ricotta cheese in between each layer above the sauce, under the zucchini.
2. Bake for 20 mins. Last 5 mins I put a little mozzarella on top to melt. And it's done.

SIDE NOTE: It made 4 meals for me. I also made some quinoa, sautéed it with garlic, aux herbes de provence, and a little bit of salt in olive oil for the side. 






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