When I stepped onto the football field at the age of eleven, I knew that I would one day play in the NFL. It was not a dream or a goal but, rather, a simple reality to which I dedicated my life.

Nutrition & performance enhancement became my primary focus and I was able to thrive on the football field because of my relentless mentality, and because I was bigger, faster, and stronger than my opponents. Training & nutrition made that possible.

I entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent and, going in as a rookie, I knew that if I wanted to beat the odds and make the team, that I had to stay healthy. There was no tolerance for undrafted players missing practices or games, and there was zero tolerance for poor performance. Teams were just waiting for a reason to cut players like me. I played through injuries and concussions because I knew that it had to be done if I wanted to continue my career.

Aside from the broken bones & torn ligaments, the biggest health issues I faced were from head trauma and adrenal burn-out. Those issues put me in a constant state of mental fog and physical fatigue.

During my second season, my health issues became so bad that my endocrine system, for lack of a better term, 'shut down.' That led to injuries & wounds that would not heal, the significant loss of muscle mass, countless days of listlessness and mental fog, and times when something as simple as speaking was difficult. The smallest tasks, let alone focusing in meetings and performing on the field, became immensely difficult. Furthermore, those symptoms even continued into the offseason. It was only after research and consultation with doctors & scientists that I discovered pathways to combating those debilitating issues.

As I broke into the NFL and gained respect & notoriety for my intense and productive on-field performances, the success allowed me to acquire multiple endorsements from major nutritional supplement companies. Not only did I help to market their products, but I also consulted for them on product concepts and formulations. Working in that capacity gave me valuable insight into how the industry operated, and more importantly, what could, and needed to, be improved.

As my NFL career progressed, I knew it was time to pursue my passion. SPEAR Performance was created to bring incredible, valuable products to the market- for everyone to benefit.

Launching SPEAR was personal to me because the products were inspired by health issues that my teammates and I faced during our careers. To no surprise, the head trauma, stress, and physical abuse put us in a constant battle of not just being healthy enough to perform on the field, but simply being able to function in, and enjoy, daily life.

One does not need to be a professional football player to know what it feels like to be burned out, stressed out, sleep deprived, or physically exhausted – those symptoms have become the new ‘normal’ in our modern lifestyle.

Our products are the convergence of elite level demands and real world application.

Our products, developed by medical professionals, were designed to meet the demands of business professionals, elite athletes, and everyday people alike. We all want to feel our best, perform at our highest level, and be more productive.

Health is the most important element in determining our performance and quality of life. SPEAR is dedicated to supporting those who value it. I am excited to now offer you our extraordinary products.

Thomas Keiser

Founder of SPEAR Performance