In an industry plagued by marketing, hype, fads, and misinformation,
legitimate nutritional supplements have become rare. However, while gimmicks
& fads come and go, we know that Quality & Results Stay.

At SPEAR Performance, we strive to Challenge the Status Quo,
Empower Consumers, and most importantly, Create Incredible Products.

Our mission is to comprehensively support consumers in optimizing & enhancing their lives. Whether an athlete, student, business executive, or everyday person, SPEAR provides the resources necessary to achieve peak performance. Through nutritional supplements, lifestyle gear, and educational materials, SPEAR is dedicated to uniting all elements of performance enhancement. Developed for the driven individual, SPEAR is devoted to supporting those chasing groundbreaking, earth-shattering success.

The Pillars of SPEAR Performance


SPEAR products are built on the foundation of science, quality, and efficacy.


At SPEAR, we are dedicated to ensuring that our products contain studied, proven, and effective ingredients that deliver results.


Our products are:
• Certified Banned Substance Free by BSCG
• Supplements are manufactured in an American cGMP facility.
• Product ingredients are fully disclosed- All of our ingredients are listed on the label.
• Our products are developed by a team of chemists, biologists, and medical professionals.


We live in a black & white world... Did you do it, or not?
Did you win or lose? Did you succeed or fail?

This concept is the same in the supplement world...
Did the product work?

Our products are designed to make you emphatically say "YES."